For nearly three decades, Maple Leaf Montessori has devoted itself to Maria Montessori's wisdom, vision and philosophy. We are the only Montessori school in Woodbridge to be accredited by the CCMA three times. This is why families continue to entrust MLM to cultivate their child's love of learning and help them develop into good citizens, year after year.


Thursday, March 24th, 2016: School Closure

The school is closed and all classes are cancelled today.   We hope that everyone stays warm and safe. Please enjoy your extra-long Easter long weekend.

Respecting the Individuality of the Child

It is not unreasonable to wonder about the individuality in learning skills from one child to another of the same age. This happens when parents of siblings compare, and when parents compare other children in their child’s class. To make an accurate comparison is difficult since so many variables need to be the same.