Casa (2.5 to 6 years of age)

We currently offer two spacious and brightly lit Casa classrooms which are both CCMA accredited and Day Nurseries Act (DNA) compliant. Each class has two Directresses that hold MACTE accredited diplomas as well as an assistant. Our Montessori Casa programs are divided into five curriculum areas; Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math and Culture.

Practical Life is the foundation for the other four areas. Materials aid the child in gaining independence, building concentration, fine motor control and strengthening the muscles later used for writing. Our students learn to care for themselves, as well as grace and courtesy- respect for others and the environment.

Sensorial helps the student classify the information that they take in through their senses. Our students learn to classify objects by size, texture, colour, shape, weight and sound. Through these materials, the child receives impressions of concepts used later in Mathematics and Language.

Language materials include those that build and refine oral language, listening skills, writing and reading. Students are introduced to precise vocabulary, the phonetic sounds of the alphabet as well as grammar. Our students begin by listening to stories and eventually write their own.

Math uses concrete, sensorial materials to aid the student’s understanding of quantities as well as symbols. Students eventually experience addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, first in a concrete and then abstract way. At the same time, children learn linear counting beginning with 1-10 and work with bead material that allows them to count up to 1000.

Culture encompasses geography, history, zoology, botany and the sciences. Students use puzzle maps, flags, classified cards, scientific experiments and various other dynamic materials to help them understand their world.


In addition to the Montessori curriculum, students receive instruction in French, Italian and Music by qualified instructors with over 15 years of experience. Our students are encouraged to explore nature through daily outdoor physical activities in our DNA approved, fully-fenced play yard.