Specialized Programs


We have an extensive Music Program which begins in Casa. Children experience the joy of musical expression through songs and games and are given an introduction to musical instruments. Elementary music begins with recorder and goes up to band level. The children perform 3 concerts per year. Additionally, there is a yearly trip to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Wayne Mead, our music teacher, has a B.A. in Education and Music Education and has been teaching privately for over 20 years. His goal is to pass on his joy and love of music to the children.



At the Casa level, students have French regularly throughout the week. Along with the traditional Montessori curriculum, each class participates in songs, stories and crafts. The Elementary students attend French classes daily and learn vocabulary and grammar through dynamic presentations and projects including our Arts and Science fairs. Ellie Atlaschi, our French teacher, has her Master’s Degree from the University of Paris. She has worked at Maple Leaf for over 14 years.


At the Casa level, students have Italian regularly throughout the week while Elementary students attend Italian classes daily. Dolores Romano, our Italian teacher, has been working at Maple Leaf Montessori for 21 years. She created and implemented our invigorating Italian program.

Dolores loves the language and culture of Italy and it is her goal to pass this passion along to all her students whether they have an Italian background or not. Knowing a second or even third language is a skill that can only benefit our students in the future.


Physical Education

Elementary students participate in our physical education program which includes fitness training, soccer, swimming, skating and yoga, all taught by professionals. We take advantage of the many wonderful gym facilities located in the Woodbridge area.